Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thatcher McGee's

8 Wanaque Ave
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442


Hubby grew up in Pompton Lakes, so it was with excitement that we watched this place go up.  We heard really cool things about it (like that they had real Irish thatchers come in to make the roof), and were very curious.  We tried on a few occasions to go there on weekend nights, only to be discouraged by the very long wait due to the curiosity of others.

Then life happened and we just didn't get there.

One day we were in the area all day and needed something to eat.  We decided to swing by, and were thrilled that the parking lot on that Saturday was fairly empty at 5pm.

Since we had our young kids with us, we chose the restaurant side over the bar side.  We were happy with the food and the service.  The atmosphere was pretty cool too, and there are fun quotes on the bathroom walls.  We had the very awesome Thatch Fries, hubby was very happy to find a Pastrami Reuben on the menu, and I enjoyed my chicken pot pie.

Prices are reasonable.  So, if you want what seems to be a true Irish experience in North Jersey, go check out Thatcher McGees!

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Lauren said...

Yum, that place IS good. We used to go after graduation. And it's lasted a lot longer than previous establishments there!