Friday, January 17, 2014

Zeppelin Hall

88 Liberty View Drive Jersey City, NJ

 Somehow I haven't reviewed this place. It came onto my radar several years ago when a coworker who lived in Jersey City mentioned it. I knew it was a place I'd enjoy, and suggested going with some friends. These friends mentioned their preference for the Beer Garden in Hoboken, so my visit here was delayed some time.  But over the summer, and then again in the fall, some of my work friends were able to get together for a night out here.

Over the summer, we were able to sit outside.  This was lovely, especially since we could see the skyline of Manhattan.  The crowd was strange though; it was mostly folks coming home from work and they were young and very well paid (if judgments can be made from the quality and style of their clothing).  But feeling extremely out of place did not put a damper on our fun.  We had a great time, enjoying all kinds of food and drink.

I was super enthused to see that they serve Currywurst, something I discovered in Berlin.  But during the week, they apparently don't serve the kind I know.  I went ahead and tried this different kind of wurst and while it was good, it wasn't what I remembered and loved.

On our second visit, I WAS able to get Berliner style and it was fantastic.  Not what I remembered, but still good.  We also tried the pretzels on the second trip, and it was fantabulous.  The second trip was on a Saturday night, and the crowd was much more family oriented than it was on a random summer Wednesday evening.

We had a great time at Zeppelin Hall!
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