Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catherine Lombardi

3 Livingston Avenue 
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Wow, it's been such a long time since I've posted.  Life.  We have, however, continued to try new restaurants and have continued our quest for the best pizza and bagels in NJ.

For our anniversary, the universe, the school district, and my parents gave us the best anniversary gift possible--school was closed for our kids while open for us (teachers) so my parents took the boys for a few nights that coincided with our anniversary.  So we wanted someplace special that would not be good to take the kids and decided on Catherine Lombardi, a long time wishlist holder.

We arrived too early (darn teachers) and they were still having a staff meeting, but we were seated at the bar.  As is our way, we chatted with the bartender, who suggested this amazing champagne based cocktail.  We were having a great time and they left us alone until it was official opening time (props for serving us in the bar despite not quite being open).  

My husband wasn't feeling great so we skipped the appetizer course and ordered dinner.  I tried the waiter's suggestion of a wild board ravioli and my husband had something he raved about.  I appreciated the wild board ravioli's extravagance but wasn't a super huge fan.

As I said, we were celebrating our anniversary so it was super nice when the waiter brought out a special dessert for us.  It was a really nice, really thoughtful gift.

We had a great time at Catherine Lombardi, and could go on and on about how great the service was.  The restaurant was really cozy with two fires blazing and the swanky decor.   Catherine Lombardi on Urbanspoon

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Lauren said...

Loooooooved that place. Yum!