Friday, January 17, 2014


28 Woodbridge Ave Highland Park, NJ

Pithari has been on my restaurant list for a very long time; their restaurant looks super inviting and interesting and Greek food is always delicious; they have the added welcoming benefit of my favorite shade of blue as the main color scheme.

My husband and I had a day off without the kids and decided to go to a movie and a nice lunch.  We chose Pithari and what a treat it was.  The weather was still nice, so we were able to dine al fresco on their nice patio, which overlooks the neighborhood side of the restaurant rather than the busy traffic-y side.  Since it was a day when most people were at work, we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, so service was especially awesome.

When we sat down, we were given some of the most delicious pita I've had in my life.  I could have made a meal on it, and it's inspired me to try to make my own one day.  We were also given an olive plate which was a nice touch.

Since we were there for lunch, we intentionally chose smaller plates.  I selected the Chicken Souvlaki platter, and oh my word it was so good.  The tzatziki sauce was unbelievable, and scooping it up with that amazing pita was pure heaven.  The chicken was slightly overdone for my liking, but the rest of the dish more than made up for this. I can't remember what my husband had, but he was a pretty happy camper.

Great meal and I can't wait to try it one day for dinner!

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