Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mount Holleran Towne Tavern

450 North Beverwyck Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054

We were on our way home from an event and figured we'd stop for some dinner. I used the urbanspoon
app on my phone and this came up.  It sounded interesting so we went.

It's looks really cool but laid back inside, sort of that industrial feel of exposed ductwork and the like.  The menu isn't huge, but there are a lot of decent looking choices.  There's no kid's menu published, but we asked our server, who went and got the info for us.

We started with the Caprese stack.  It was awesome.  The mozzarella was super fresh, the basil and greens were yummy, and the balsamic was perfect.


While there were a lot of great looking entrees on the menu, we both chose to go with sandwiches.  My husband got a Pastrami Reuben and said it was good, but nothing to really write home about.  I went with the cheesesteak.  I asked our server if it was Philly style, and she didn't know what I meant, so I asked if it was chopped steak.  She said yes.  And it was.  I didn't clarify my question, since I meant THIN chopped steak.  It was, indeed, chopped steak--they took a steak and chopped it up.  Or something.  I like steak, but I had a hard time eating this without gagging.  No fault of the restaurant at all, it was not what I expected.

Our server was incredible at not only noticing that I had barely eaten my food, but also correcting the issue so that we left happy customers.  Incredible service there.  That alone gives them super high marks in my book!

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