Monday, February 9, 2009

Panico's Pizza

94 Church St
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

A friend and I were out and about in New Brunswick on Friday. We walked by Panico's and it smelled so good, so I came home and told BAJ that I really wanted to try them some day. Fate intervened on Sunday when Food Network showed The Secret History of Pizza, which sparked off a pizza craving, particularly for Wood Fired Pizza (which happens to be my favorite).

So we agreed to order from Panico's. We checked out their website and ordered a large bruschetta pizza. We placed our order online. The instructions given were to call if we hadn't gotten a confirmation call within 10 minutes. We didn't, so I called them.

They had received the order, but never made the call. I asked how long until it would be ready, and was told 10-15 minutes. Apparently that meant from the time they started making the pie (which was 10 minutes before I made the call), so by the time the pizza got home it was barely lukewarm (we live about 10 minutes away).

The first thing the hubs said when he returned with the pie was that "Unless this is amazing, we're not going back there." He said that the customer service was kind of crappy--this is in ADDITION to the confusion about the online order.

Anyway, the pie WAS amazing. The crust was so darn good, and then the wood fire flavor was just great too. The flavors on this pie were excellent, with fresh mozzarella, lots of garlic, and red onion in addition to chopped tomato. I felt that the prices were a little bit on the high side ($17 for a large pie, after tax), but the fresh ingredients help to justify that. After trying the pie, hubs said he WOULD like to try them again, maybe as an eat in.

Lesson learned? Never use online ordering!

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