Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pheasant's Landing

311 Amwell Rd Ste A
Hillsborough, NJ
(908) 281-1288

I've been eyeing Pheasant's Landing for some time; I was considering it for my son's baptism but it's a little far from home to make a regular place.  So when they offered a Groupon, I jumped on it hoping to give it a try.

We went on a random Lenten Friday, in the midst of trying to get the almost three year old to learn how to use the potty.  So he was pretty cranky.  Not knowing what we were doing, we headed to the main dining room.  Due to his crankiness, it was *suggested* that we instead move downstairs where he would be more comfortable.  (Although it was certainly... probably...not meant THAT way, we were embarrassed that our kid was THAT kid who can't behave in a restaurant.

So we went downstairs.  Not only was the two year old more comfortable, but so were my husband and I!  The downstairs feels like you're in someone's basement, which might be a turn off to many, but we were happier there.  There were tvs, a foosball table that entertained the boys so my husband and I could chat, and folks were playing pool kindly letting the boys watch (and even let them take a shot each).  WAY more low key!

The menu is slightly different; I'd been eyeing something on the menu in the dining room that didn't appear on the menu downstairs, but it was still pretty similar.  The food was good, though I can't remember what we specifically had.  I know my husband had a sandwich of some kind and was really happy with it, while I had an entree that was large and delicious-- I definitely got at least two days of lunches from the leftovers.

The prices seem to be a little on the high side; if it wasn't for the deal, we probably would have complained to each other about the prices.  They ARE on, which you can buy through Ebates for even greater savings.

Overall, we were very happy with Pheasant's Landing and if they weren't so far from home, we'd probably be regular visitors.  I do plan to go back to sample some of their Oktoberfest offerings one day!

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