Friday, February 15, 2013

Smokehouse Barbecue

45 West Main St
Somerville, NJ 08876

I've had a hankering for barbecue ever since I started reading Gone with the Wind a few weeks ago, so when I saw a Living Social deal for this place, it went onto the radar.  Alas, I missed the deal but snagged a coupon via ebates (for 15% cash back!) and off we went.

The reviews I read online were mixed, but I was very impressed that the owner responds to each negative criticism on both yelp and urbanspoon, so thought it was worth a try.

I liked the decor of the place; it's small and homey with a southwestern theme going on.  Plus, the walls are lined with empty bottles (some of which are signed, sort of like those first few dollars on the wall at small establishments) of their private label root beer, sasparilla, lemonade, etc.  Pretty neat.  Also cool was that there was a wall of children's coloring; my sons thought this was so neat that THEIR work would hang on the wall at the restaurant!

So the food, which, of course is what you want to know.  My husband ordered a Cowboy Burrito and LOVED it.  He actually mentioned how good it was the next day.  He mentioned that he liked that there wasn't that much sauce because he could customize it to his liking and it wasn't as messy that way.  He was pleased.  Ever indecisive, I chose a 1/2 chicken and pulled pork.  The pulled pork was very tasty, though I'd say it was a little bit dry.  Still good though, and I enjoyed it the next day---the serving was HUGE.  The chicken was delicious, though I was not a fan of peeling the skin off (though this is my own problem since who gets skinless chicken barbecue?) and I thought the baked beans side was perfect and just what I was looking for in my barbecue craving.  The boys both had mac and cheese, and my husband said a few times that he was impressed that it seemed to be homemade.  Our server was super accommodating of our request to sub veggies for the fries, which always gets high marks in my book.

Overall, a good meal and we will be back! Smokehouse Barbecue on Urbanspoon

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