Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Hot and Blue Bar b Que

2175 Marlton Pike West
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

We met friends at Red Hot and Blue in Cherry Hill the other day for lunch.  When deciding where to go, BAJ chose this from the list our friends gave us because, as he said, "I'm always up for some Bar Bee Que!"  It turns out, he had a conference at the attached Holiday Inn, and had eaten here before.

For a hotel restaurant, it definitely doesn't have that hotel restaurant vibe.  It feels much like any chain restaurant or sports bar (lots of tvs, in fact, a lot of people were there to watch the big football game on that day).  Yet, because it was so early, the restaurant was nearly empty.  Perhaps this was the reason we had such good service, but it's worth mentioning that our server was very attentive, helpful, and smiled saying "it's no problem, really!!" when I apologized for my young son's mess.

It's hard to comment on the kid-friendliness of a restaurant when there really aren't many people there, but they do have a kids' menu as well as coloring and crayons for the kiddos.

As far as the food--it's pretty middle of the road.  It's not something I'd rave about, and it's not something I'd complain about either.  We all enjoyed our meals, but my husband and I like the chain BBQ place down the street better.  We were so happy when we saw a variety of BBQ sauces on the table, but no one in our party thought they were so exceptional.  Again, if you're stuck in the Holiday Inn or at a conference and have to eat quickly, Red Hot and Blue is quite serviceable, but in an area with a ton of dining choices, this is definitely not a place I'd choose to go to when you can go elsewhere.

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