Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cici's pizza

We are not in the Cici's Pizza "zone"--the closest one (until recently, that is) is two hours away.  But yet we see their commercials ALL  the time.  We were curious.  So, when we were visiting friends and they threw out the idea of going here for dinner, we jumped all over the idea.

The good is that it's VERY family friendly (we went on Tuesday, which was kids eat free night) and very cheap (all you can eat for less than $6 per person plus drink, and college students with ID are like $3.99).  There are claw games and video games to entertain the kids.  I love variety--we had spinach pizza, mac n cheese pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, among others.  The desserts were pretty tasty too.

That said, the pizza isn't  good.  It reminded me of Little Caesar's.  Maybe living in NJ has me totally spoiled and those who don't know good pizza place pizza will think it's totally great, but we both proclaimed, "Well, we've tried Cici's and now we don't need to go back."  While the desserts were tasty, you can certainly find better in the freezer section of your local grocery store.  The salad was pretty disappointing, and the pasta with sauce reminded me of... I can't even think of what.  I guess the closest comparison is Chef Boyardee.

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