Friday, February 19, 2010

Il Pomodoro

41 N Bridge St
Somerville, NJ 08876

To celebrate the first Friday of Lent, I really didn't feel like cooking. I suggested going out to dinner, and BAJ agreed. We decided to check out something new, and Il Pomodoro seemed like a good place for us to try. With our two year old along for the ride, it may not have been the best place for us to try, but it was not that busy and he was really well behaved.

When we pulled up, I commented on how pretty the building is. Inside, it was really pretty too; I thought it was really cozy. We sat down and listened to the specials (many sounded great), and I chose to order off the regular menu. We received a bruschetta toast, which was different from the bruschetta I've had before... I couldn't decide what was different about it, but it was tasty. We also had a bread basket with olive oil; it was also really tasty.

BAJ had duck ravioli, which was a special and he really enjoyed. He commented that the marsala sauce that accompanied it was spectacular. I ordered Aragosta Gnocchi. It was really tasty. We were both pleased with our meals, although we felt like the portions were a little bit on the small side, but the delicious flavor made it worth it.

We then got dessert, the Chocolate Lava cake. I let BAJ order dessert, and was a little disappointed with his choice (there were a ton of things that looked a little better to me, and I was thinking along the lines of those desserts one gets at a chain restaurant). This, however, was no chain restaurant Lava cake. The cake itself was so fresh and delicious, there was strawberry and chocolate drizzle on the plate, and the vanilla ice cream was wonderful too.

We were really pleased with our meal at Il Pomodoro. The price tag wasn't as outrageous as we might have thought, especially considering the place sure does seem fancy. Yum!!! Someday, we'll be back....

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