Sunday, August 30, 2009


90 West Main Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
Phone: (908) 218-5523
Fax: (908) 218-5110

BAJ and I were afraid of taking The Boy for hibachi. Although we love it, we didn't know how our infant and then toddler would respond. Then, there was a discussion on a message board of which I am a member of this very thing. I read the responses to BAJ, and he then fixated on going.

Since Somerville has yet to let us down, that's where we headed for hibachi, and Yutaka didn't disappoint. I really liked the ambiance of their restaurant. I saw this little room with a low table and you have to take off your shoes; it looked so cool!

The food was pretty good, although not the best hibachi either of us has had. I felt the prices to be a little bit on the high side, even for hibachi. The sushi looked awesome, something we definitely want to return and try! The show was pretty good, contrary to some other reviews I've read. They do this funny thing where they shoot people with saki; it was a competition between our table and another as to who could get those most. Our chef was very kind to our 2 year old, letting him know when scarier things might be happening.

Speaking of which, the 2 year old did really well. He was scared for the big flames, but really enjoyed the show and the meal. He even ate with chopsticks (granted, by scooping, but nonetheless...)

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