Sunday, June 14, 2009

Randazzo Pastry Shop

611 Us Hwy 202
Raritan, NJ 08869

We drove by last weekend and noticed that there always seemed to be a lot of cars in their parking lot, so today we figured we'd stop in since we were in the area. The first thing that caught my eye, even before we entered was their pastry display. Wow, those cakes are gorgeous. We went to the line and each ordered sandwiches. The Boys were both in love with the pastries, although The Boy seemed more interested in where they went when they disappeared (as trays were taken out for serving). The Man ordered a HUGE cookie, which has not yet been tasted.

Both of our sandwiches were good and REALLY big. BAJ ate all of his, but I couldn't even take down the whole half. This, by the way, was the half sandwich.

Prices seemed reasonable, and certainly for the amount of food you get in a sandwich. We will definitely be going back to Randazzo's.

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