Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Bay Restaurant

61-63 Church Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901 732-246-3111

I was browsing on, and it made me really want to go out for dinner last night. The most appealing choice was Old Bay. I've been here a few times for drinks, and the hubs and I had a really rushed dinner there one night before catching a train. That time, our meal was excellent, and it was this time too.

We started with some drinks... he had a mixed drink, which I believe was called a Swamp Water. The waitress warned us that it was something people either loved or hated, and we could certainly see why. To us, it tasted a lot like a Soco and lime (reasonable, considering the ingredients), and we liked it enough but wouldn't order it again. I tried one of their draft beers--something I'd never had before and enjoyed it well. I was surprised, though, because I really only went for the beer upon seeing the $3 pints... I did miss the "only after 10pm" part. Oops.

We went for the appetizer of three cheese bread, and it was really good. Pretty typical of cheese bread, but then it had a nice bruschetta like topping. Yum, we gobbled that sucker up.

I went for the Shrimp Creole. It was pretty tasty, but wayyyyy more food than I could handle, esp after a beer and appetizer. Hooray leftovers. The hubs, however, DEVOURED the Stuffed Sole with Lobster Sauce. Our waitress mentioned that it was her favorite on the menu, and he agreed. It came out with an awesome presentation; not at all what we expected.

So all this food plus a certificate, and it was still a pricey meal. But, then again, it was a LOT of food, and alcohol too. The certificate certainly helped, but we probably wouldn't have gone for the app without it (hey, isn't that the reason a restaurant would do those things anyway?)

Overall, we are VERY pleased with the Old Bay. The service was good, the food was excellent, and it was a great early weeknight evening for the toddler in tow crew---The Boy was able to sort of run around without us worrying AND without his disturbing other patrons. He LOVED that we were sitting at a window with a street view.

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