Sunday, April 20, 2008

Martino's Cuban Restaurant

212 W Main St
Somerville, NJ

We live so near to Somerville, and haven't really had a chance to check out the many many restaurants there. We made plans to get together with some friends, and decided to go to Martino's. I couldn't really find any reviews online, so was apprehensive.

We walked in and the smell of the restaurant was incredible; it smelled fantastic! Our food was really good--we got an appetizer for 6, which consisted of stuffed clams, fried yucca, sweet plantains, croquettes, and something else I can't remember. Everything was delicious. Our party all had different choices, but we both had the chicken. The sauces were both great, although the meat itself was a little tough. Our friends had the desserts (there are only two on the menu; flan and tres leches cake) and raved about it.

Also appealing was that this seemed like a place for campers. We were one of several good sized parties, and the staff seemed to have no problem whatsoever with us sitting and chatting. I felt under no pressure to skedaddle as I often do in other places.

They're BYOB, and I thought the prices were very reasonable. I think our entire bill for 6 people, which included 6 entrees, an appetizer to share, and 2 desserts, came to under $120. Not bad at all.

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