Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gabriel's Fountain

1948 Washington Valley Rd Map.38e0e06
Martinsville, NJ 08836

My husband got the idea to take the family out for ice cream tonight, but with the constraints of giving the boys their bath and getting them to bed on time, we decided instead to go someplace we could get dinner AND ice cream.  Gabriel's Fountain fit that bill; it's close to home and was on my list, has ice cream as well as food.

We thought the vibe was super cute, and there's a patio that would be great to hang out and eat food or ice cream.  The food options are really varied but we went with pretty low key, standard meals.  The boys got mac and cheese, my husband got  a Jazzed Up BLT with onion rings and I got a Chicken Portobella Wrap.  Mine was really interesting, so tasty, and HUGE.  I could only eat half and saved the other for tomorrow's lunch.  My husband enjoyed his sandwich (and didn't even offer a taste; guess it was THAT good!), saying the bacon was cooked just the way he likes it and the bread was tasty.

We then ordered ice cream.  The choices are extensive and different from anything you'd find anywhere else.  We got a sundae with Scarlet Knight (the Rutgers love extends far and wide), which is chocolate ice cream with cream cheese frosting and red velvet cake, and a banana flavor (forgetting the name and it's not on their online menu) with brownie chunks.

Our food was great, the place has a great atmosphere and is kid friendly!
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