Wednesday, August 17, 2011


1735 Route 46 East
Parsippany, NJ 07054

We often find ourselves traveling down 287 and need a place to eat in the Parsippany area.  Not really knowing the area, I turn to the urbanspoon app on my phone to find a place.  On this particular day, I did just that and came up with a restaurant.  We were on our way and passed this place, a location we'd been to previously, back when it was a Bennigan's.  For whatever reason, my husband decided to pull in here instead.

The decor is nice; it reminded me of Bennigan's, though classier and without all the junk on the walls.  The bar area had some great Irish type quotes about drinking and/or life.

We were luckily there right before the lunch rush, which arrived about 20 minutes after we did.  Our service was pretty good, but it seemed like the food took a long time to arrive considering how few people were in the restaurant.  That might have been, though, because our boys were hungry and as a result, quite unhappy.

Our food was pretty typical chain restaurant fare.  Since we went for lunch, we stuck to the sandwich menu, which really doesn't reflect Irish-ness at all.  The entrees are much more Irish inspired, but I never understand why an Irish pub would have quesadillas on their appetizer menu (on The Next Food Network Star, they'd say the chef wasn't sticking to his/her POV), but I guess that's what Americans like with their beer and casual fare--thank you, Friday's!

So the short is, it's typical.  Nothing to really remark about, but good enough for a fast, casual meal.  It certainly fills a void left by the demise of Bennigan's, and is probably a great spot for dinner and/or drinks.

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amazing best bagels said...

You forgot to mention the name of the Irish restaurant.

CRS said...

Thanks for your comment. You can see the name of the Irish restaurant in the post title. It's Blackthorn.

CRS said...

"brinkka2011 says: Just where do these trolling bloggers get this stuff? "

Hmm, not sure what you mean about "Trolling bloggers," since I'm just a person posting for herself and happy if it helps another. Sorry if you didn't find my thoughts helpful.